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Precious Babywear from HB Enterprises The First Adult Babyewear Company in the UK Established 1986. Adult Baby Shop & Nursery. ABDL shop suppling panties, frillies, ABDL nappies, diapers, dresses, restraints, rompers, nappy knickers, Adult Baby trainer panties, locking trainer pants, locking pvc panties, locking nappy knickers, pvc wear, pvc rompers, vinyl bibs, plastic dresses, AB bonnets, bibs, bootees, Adult Baby Nursery, with cot, highchair, Adult Baby restraints, reins, and AB bondage items, Adult Baby Clothing for hire during nursery visits.

Dear Adult Baby,

Girl with hair in bunches tied with satin ribbons wearing an Adult Baby Petticoat with rows of lace sitting on a adult sized rocking horse. Her petticoat is in whte polycotton with deep a cascase of deep nylon lace. She has bare arms and legs. In the background you can see some of the AB/DL Bargian Rail collection with a selection of pretty AB panties in satin, pvc, and polycottons, showing that we do indeed have Adult Babywear Panties for all occasions for that special ABDL wherever you may be.

Welcome to Precious Babywear my range of Adult Baby (AB) clothes.

Precious Babywear is my range of Adult Baby clothing made with just you in mind.   All our products with my Precious Babywear  label are made by us here in my workshop especially for Adult Babies.

I make everything especially for Big Babies, PVC pants in a choice of clear, semi-transparent and coloured vinyls, frilly pants that are plastic lined, rompers, onesies, dresses, sleepwear, nightwear, the list goes on and on.

We have Adult Babywear for all occasions.

Close up of one of our AB protective panties with a patterned peach satin cover trimmed with four wide rows of or special ribbon lace each piece having to rows od fancy lace and a genuine one inch peach satin ribbon between worn over a diaper. The panties have a waterproof inner plastic panty separate at the legs but joined to the cover at the waist with our DoubleDryWaist Seam. Double Layer Adult Baby Plastic Panty in a pretty pearlized baby pink PVC plastic. Shown with its forward facing legs towards the viewer showing the inner layer of semi-transparent PVC with its separately elasticated legs.

We make a wide range of different frilly Adult Baby (AB) pants, in luxurious satins, sweet nursery prints, PVC and pretty polycottons.

Extra Deep Wide Crotch PVC Adult Baby Panties. Plastic Panty made in a soft fine slightly embossed white PVC. Shown with its markedly forwardly facing legs towards the camera. The narrow waist contrasts with the wide crotch and the extra depth of the back is clearly visible. All these are made to our special patterns with a wide or very wide crotch, forward facing legs, and spacious bottoms.

We know that Adult Babies come in all shapes and sizes so we make our panties in up to 10 standard sizes and many with a choice of crotch widths and/or extra deep sides.

If that is not enough for a fussy Big Baby we can also make a pattern especially for you.

A Pair of our Precious Babywear lacy nylon plastic lined Adult Baby Panties. This pair of AB panties are shown with the inner pvc liner pulled out away from the lacy nylon panty outer layer; showing that the inner plastic liner and the pretty frilly panty are only connected at the waistband. This arrangement allows for better fit and superior protection against leaks. It also speeds drying and allows for the decorative AB panty to be ironed without heating the protective plastic panty.
All of our standard range of Adult Baby plastic panties and panty linings have welded side seams and doubly enclosed elastic hems to prevent wee leaks and wicking.   Our doubles, lockables and plastic lined frillies all have our special DoubleDryWaist Seam and separately elasticated leg openings to help Big Babies keep the wetness in.   Close up view of the waistband of a pair of satin Adult Baby pants with a pink satin cover. The DoubleDryWaist Seam is detailed showing the cover is attached so that the satin does not come in contact with your skin, only the pvc liner does so that wicking is prevented. Our DoubleDryWaist Seam ensures that there is only the vinyl of the inner plastic panty next to your skin.   The cover, locking band, even our Precious Babywear label are all safely in the dry.

Our Frillies come with a choice of nylon lace, PVC frills, or satin ribbon lace, so that there is a cute pair of panties that will suit you.

Front and Rear views of our Adult Baby AB Locking Panties with chain and lock, these are superior rear lockable panties for Adult Babies Adult Baby AB Lockable Panties with chain and lock superior rear locking panties for Adult Babies
Our lockable AB pants are ideal for those that can't seem to keep protective panties on. They have a separate fully enclosed internal band for the chain between the inner and outer panties just below our elasticated DoubleDryWaist Seam. This means that they pull on and stay up like our standard panties and are then an easy pull and click for a tightly locked fit.

Like them or hate them if you do not have the key they should stay on and keep your nappy (diaper) in place. The internal band for the chain means the panties have to be destroyed to remove them if you cannot pick the lock or cut the chain.

We only make rear locking panties for the extra security, and the joy or frustration this gives.
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